mgr Anna Dziad - Rehabilitation of infants and young children

About Me

Anna Dziad

I have been a paediatric physiotherapist for over ten years. I am also a mother of two delightful kids. I have been working as a neonatal physiotherapist at Neonatal Pathology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of The University Hospital in Krakow since 2007. In 2014 I set up in my own practice at The Children Medical Centre MEDISONO in Cracow.

Contact with children has always been important to me, it is fascinating to observe how they play and the way they get to know the world. I lead each appointment with my patients, regardless of whether it is a one-time consultation or regular therapy, in a comfortable and safe atmosphere of play. I am conscious, that exposing children to stress has a negative impact on its development and reduces effects of the therapy.

Completed courses

NDT-Bobath Baby Course
(Gdynia, under the leadership of Zofia Szwiling)
NDT-Bobath Therapy for Children Course
(Cracow, under the leadership of Zofia Szwiling)
Sensory Babies
(under leadership of L. Hardy, E. Hills)
Three-dimensional Manual Foot Therapy in Neurophysiological Basis
(Cracow, under the leadership of Barbara Zukunft-Huber)
Shantala Massage Instructor
Medical Taping - Sensory Integration Therapy Course, level 1,
Sherborne Developmental Movement Course, level 1,


I run physiotherapy office for infants and young children, but also early developmental support and premature babies therapy. The work at Neonatal Pathology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit makes me understand the needs and risks of premature babies.

I rely on NDT-Bobath methods, but I also use Sensory Integration Therapy, Shantala Massage and Medical Taping to help infants and young children who suffer from:

  • psychomotor development impairment
  • muscle tension disorder and asymmetry of various background
  • feet defects
  • genetic disorders
  • orthopaedic disorders
  • difficulties in adaptation and care
Anna Dziad

As a physiotherapist at Teaching Neonatal Unit of University Hospital in Cracow I also work with parents of premature babies, whom I help to understand the needs of their children. I demonstrate how to assist in psychomotor development of their children through proper care and fun-oriented activities.

We highly recommend Ania as a physiotherapist of young children. For half a year, ,from the first month of Kosma and Lucia’s lives, Ania rehabilitated our twins. She has the right touch with babies and they enjoyed the appointments, they did not cry and threated the meetings as fun. It was a great pleasure for us to see them in such good hands. The methods applied by Ania are neither painful nor unpleasant and the exercises recommended to take at home were easy to remember and perform. Apart from the physiotherapy, which eliminated all the problems, she taught us Shantala massage and showed how to perform many everyday duties as carrying or changing, as they would be beneficial to psychomotor development of children. She answered patiently our numerous questions, not really connected with the physiotherapy, but generally related to childcare. It was so valuable to us, as we were young parents. Kosma and Lucia are developing now even faster than their peers, and we regret a little that they do not need any more physiotherapy.

Elżbieta i Dobrosław Kotowie


Anna Dziad

An important part of my job is to counsel infants’ parents on issues that include:

  • proper care
  • prevention of abnormal spinal curvature and sensory integration disorders in children
  • massage techniques for children and infants

We sometimes worry about our child’s development. Is it going well? Do I look after the baby in the right way? How can I play with my child to support its development? I will answer these and many other questions with pleasure during physio consultations. During the meetings you will find out how to modify the ways of childcare to maximize the child’s developmental potential. You will learn the massage techniques for infants in order to communicate in the best known way for them – through touch. You will learn how to take care of children to make them peaceful, happy and healthily growing.

Shantala Massage – the touch of love for your child

We invite parents with children aged 2 - 10 months to a series of individual meetings once a week. You will learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere how to listen intently in your child’s needs. You will also learn basic massage techniques and the rules of the right childcare. The meetings are the great opportunity to ask many questions concerning young parents.

The new skills will give parents more confidence and belief in their parental competence. They also help to soothe and relieve the stress associated with the new situation and teach some relaxing methods.

There are many benefits to children of regular massages. First of all, tightening contacts with parents, but also calming down and regulating infant’s sleep, improving digestion, soothing colicky baby and stimulation of the right psychomotor development.

The meetings take place in the office or at patience’s. You can create an intimate group of friends and combine learning massage with support group meeting. You will not only get to know the massage techniques and principles of proper childcare, but also exchange experiences and talk about many interesting issues.

Premature Baby

When a baby is born prematurely all its systems and organs are immature. Weeks are passing and the baby is gradually maturing and building up its strength until it comes to the long awaited day when the baby leaves hospital.

Parents cannot wait when the baby leaves hospital but apart from the joy it is accompanied by great concerns. Until now, they could count on the support and assistance of the medical team, and now they can rely only on themselves.

The great burden of responsibility for the whole family are numerous consultations, which must take place after the child leaves hospital. Does each premature baby require therapy? Certainly not.

Anna Dziad

The majority of premature children need only so-called development assistance, in which you learn how to support your child’s psychomotor development, how to strengthen the correct movement patterns in a daily care and how to play with a baby not to interfere with the normal development. The appointments at a physiotherapy office are held from time to time to assess the progress and development level of the child.

If the physiotherapy is necessary, the number and length of activities are adapted to the needs and abilities of the child.

NDT-Bobath Concept , or neurodevelopmental method is currently the most recognized form of therapy. The exercises are conducted in a friendly atmosphere of play. The child does not cry, only actively participates in gymnastics and what is more that the child is really pleased with the effort he or she puts. The method also focuses on limiting the stress relating to the exercises, as it is bad for development, and significantly lowers the effectiveness of physiotherapy. For particularly sensitive children or with substantial immune deficiency it is recommended, especially in the initial period, to take the exercises with a therapist at the patient's home, which, among others, makes the best use of the therapy time.

Fortunately, the vast majority of kids catch up with their peers in terms of intellectual and motor development, which despite difficult beginnings allow them to fully enjoy life!

We started cooperation with Ms Anna Dziad when our twins were only a couple of months. Due to prematurity, an early development support was required to increase their chances of harmonious development. Ms Anna was able to make contact with them, and in a wonderful way made them to cooperate during exercises, what sometimes was not so easy. The smile that was never leaving Ms Anna face, her perseverance and consistency brought the intended goal. The appointments never took place in a hurry and Anna, always in addition to the exercises with the girls, she advised and suggested what I could do to ensure normal development of children. The therapy techniques used by Ms Ana really bring effects. Sometimes you need to wait a little longer for effects, but it is worth it. Although my girls can already walk, to this day I consult my doubts with Ms Anna, and she never leaves me without an answer. This person is perfectly suitable to work with a small patient. She knows what she does and is fully committed to her work.

K. P.

Home Visit

Out of concern for the smallest patients and their special needs, I propose an integrated physiotherapy at the patient's. This is particularly important for the children with immune deficiency. The number and duration of house calls are adapted to the needs and abilities of the child. The appointments are held in a familiar and safe environment without necessity of leaving home.